The long blur.

Thursday/Friday, July 2/3

Travel day is travel day–long, tiring, a bit of a blur. Fly to Paris via Detroit; TGV/Thalys fast trains to Amsterdam (Amsterdam flights were really expensive); Thursday morphed into Friday. Anyway, the four of us made it. After 36 hours of being on the go, the fine Dutch beds felt pretty good.


  • Delta’s got better, both Domestic and International, than they used to be. Nice flights.
  • Via text while we were on the train, I found out our AMS landlord had changed apartments on us. We we’d book a spot just across the water from Centraal station, but due to “a problem” we’re staying in the Leidisplein area—lots of shops, museums, bars, stuff going on. The place is a little funky, but it’ll do.
  • Delaney voted our post-travel dinner as her favorite part of the day. I concur.
  • Should you have any interest, all the L&R pix (unedited) are available through the Image Library link in the menu bar above.

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