Something the Fox-watching, #MAGA-crackers seem to have overlooked is that if a president can nullify the 14th Amendment with the stroke of a pen, he or she can do the same to the 2nd. Also, only bozos with law degrees from @LibertyU think the 14th, sect 1 is misinterpreted.


Who do we blame for this political quagmire? My hunch is you have to hang a huge chunk of it on the Dems and what happened in 2010. The impact of the failure to get the base out eight years ago may never go away. Add to this the fact that a large portion of the pop call Facebook a news source, that Fox has become State aka Trump TV and that today, senators representing a minority of the US population will give Krazy Kav a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. 

I like beer. Waiting for Michael Moore to do ‘Krazy Kav’ the movie.

Explain to me why…


Heading off to the Continent in a few weeks for some Roman ruins, mulled wine and a few wursts. Explaining to our European friends how things can be so fucked up in this country should be interesting.

Cool Freebee.

Back in 2003 while building Hale Nani, we had a party to celebrate the completion of the slab. For quick party food I picked up several Sub Way sandwiches and as a promo, the food order included the carrier pictured here. With four exterior drink holders (big enough for a fifth of Scotch, too) and the semi-insulated, six-pack-sized zippered center container it has proven to be an incredibly useful freebee. The little green bag has been to hundreds upon hundreds of picnics, sunset cocktail hours, camping trips, parties, etc. Not surprisingly, after 14+ years the ol’ tote is showing its age—cracking plastic and a fraying zipper.

Searches for a suitable replacement have come up zip. Somehow a Foodland reusable just won’t have the same allure.

Slab Party

Internet trolls and evildoers

Ever have trouble accessing the site? I’ve done things to try and keep the ever-present Internet evildoers away, but sometimes this can impact legit users, too. If you’ve a.) had issues and b.) care, let me know.

Ruskie spam posters:

Dear godless commie Ruskie spam posters:

Your attempts to post spam to my blog just don’t work. Better you should spend your time eating a beet, getting wasted on cheep vodka, visiting Chernobyl or catching a disease from one of those skanks your country has grown so fond of exporting.

In the words of Les Nessman, Sr. News Correspondent for WKRP “just who are you trying to kid?”


Spreading the wealth.

As a part of our TdF trip, I’ve been doing my best to track where we were spending our travel dollars/Euros/Kronners/etc and on what. I’ve been a Quicken user since it was an MS-DOS app, I’m pretty good with it and it’s a nice tool for this kind of thing—it even handles foreign currencies. The grand plan is to be on the road as much as we want and I figured it was a good idea to develop a model to see just how much voyaging we can enjoy without seriously impacting the Scots whiskey budget or Zoe’s dog treat supply.

When the July Hale Nani electric bill arrived, I was pleased to find it was about a third less than a normal ding for that period. While we were in Europe, I’d turned off the water heater and we obviously hadn’t been using lights, the tube, PCs, etc., but it got me to thinking about other savings that resulted from our home base absence.  The rather obvious conclusion was that while eating frites and fois gras, riding the Eurail and sipping 1664s, we weren’t doing the $50 Dodge fill-ups or going to the grocery or tapping into our albeit limited wine supply. If I work this analysis right, it may just be we can’t afford to NOT be on the road.  My muse, Mr. Ely, MN, Charles Kuralt, would appreciate that.

We leave you this Sunday morning…