Head in the clouds?

We spend a lot of time mapping out our little international excursions. This go around however, we seem to have had one good sized space-out moment.

Grand DepartEarly last week I sent a text to our Gallant sailing friend Sophie saying we’d be in Amsterdam in early July and, if she wasn’t at sea, it’d be great to get together. Somewhat surprisingly, Sophie replied she not sailing this year. More surprising for me was her invitation to meet in Utrecht and take in the start, the “Grand Départ,” of the Tour de France. Why the “DUH!!!” moment? For the past several years, we’ve been pretty heavy followers The Tour. The 2010 trip was built around it taking in stages in
Rotterdam, Brussels, Bordeaux and Paris. I know that late last year when the course was published, I looked over the route, but somehow just didn’t put it all together. Senility creeps up on you.

Anyway, on Saturday we’ll take the kids on the short train ride to Utrecht catch some EU marketing activity at its very best. The advertising Caravan, something you never see on TV, is beyond description.

Getting very close…

Two weeks from right now it’ll be getting close to time, after 30-some hours of traveling, to crawl into our fine Dutch beds. Plan is pretty much all in place with only a few tweak-changes to reservations, etc. and we’re getting very excited.

Delaney and Brett
Delaney and Brett, our fab traveling companions.