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Pau Already

Month: July 2009

“Blue and white Cessna rock your wings…”

For most folks, Oshkosh, Wisconsin is best know for bib overalls, fire trucks and artery-clogging food. However, if you’re into things that fly, your most likely association with the place is the annual EAA flyin. For one week each year, Read more…

The finishing line.

Since what we’re really about here is the finishing line, let’s explore. Most sports have protocols associated with selecting the people handing out the prizes. In the world of dirt track motor sport, they’re often called ‘trophy trolls.’  In velocipede Read more…

Can you say “petit déjeuner?”

Spending time in France in July is high on the list. As long as we can avoid the Schloogs and the Schlongys, I think we’ll be OK. D’accord? Tour Resources: Le Tour Versus Bicycling Mag Velo News