T-day is here!

Open items on the checklists are declining; house sitter has been briefed and he’ll be taking us to the  airport; flight check-in is done; Zoe’s looking a bit forlorn–she recognizes the signs. Things are looking pretty good. Our inbound aircraft is about to enter Canadian airspace–meaning we should have an aircraft to depart on–and it’s not quite time for the “oh, shit!”  exclamations to begin, so to help celebrate the grand departure we’ve opened a bottle of Champagne. Salute!

I think the only big decision left pertains to the leather jacket status. Today it’s 60 in Oslo and over 80 in St. Pete and this it’ll soon be July. That damn leather is heavy so I think we’ll opt for the shivers.

Back to the Do List.


T-1 day and counting!

Europe 2013 Document Cover

The countdown clock on the is now blinking a day and change until we’re on our way–pretty exciting. It doesn’t seem all that long ago (mid-January) that we hashing over the macro-level outline. As the graphic says, 9 countries, 7 currencies, etc. As it always does, the time will pass way too quickly, but I can’t wait for that first brew in Hamburg.


Finally, something we can touch.

Two weeks and change and we finally have a piece of trip documentation that’s not an e-ticket, email message or credit card bill. Today, our Eurail passes for Sweden and Norway arrived.  While it’s nice to have the rail vouchers in our hot little hands, I’ll feel much better when the passports along with visas are here.

Eurail train passes.


It’s sneaking up on us.

We’re inside of 40 day’s until Euro 2103. A little prep left, but I think we’re in OK shape. As of Friday, the visa apps were in Washington; I’ll feel much better when visas an PPs are back in my hands.

Committed now!

OK. PHX to Hamburg and back are booked. It’s always scary to make that commitment. The trip on the training ship from Kiel to Denmark, Latvia and St. Petersburg are all in the schedule. I think this is getting serious.

2013 trip planning underway

Tall ShipsA new year (Chinese and haole) is here and it’s time to start planning the big Euro 2013 trip. This year we’re heading to Scandinavia, probably in the July timeframe. Still a lot of blanks on the schedule, but one sort of exciting potential opportunity is sailing on one of the ships in the 2013 Tall Ships Race.

Country list right now includes:

  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Maybe Latvia and/or St. Petersburg, RU
  • Perhaps an entry or exit city (Paris, London, ?)