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Pau Already

Month: October 2018


Something the Fox-watching, #MAGA-crackers seem to have overlooked is that if a president can nullify the 14th Amendment with the stroke of a pen, he or she can do the same to the 2nd. Also, only bozos with law degrees Read more…


Who do we blame for this political quagmire? My hunch is you have to hang a huge chunk of it on the Dems and what happened in 2010. The impact of the failure to get the base out eight years Read more…

Explain to me why…

Heading off to the Continent in a few weeks for some Roman ruins, mulled wine and a few wursts. Explaining to our European friends how things can be so fucked up in this country should be interesting.

Don’t blame the FBI

Blame Mitch McConnell, Don McGahn, Chuck Grassley and the orange thing, but the FBI did as much as their tight constraints allowed. Shame.