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A new jobI think I’ve finally found a place where we skew the demographics younger–volunteering at our local performing arts theater.

Elston Gunnn

Well, as Robert Zimmerman would say “The Times They Are a Changin’.” My relatively short repertoire of short sayings was quickly depleted. So as of today, we enter the post-pau era, even if it’s not quite there as yet.


Big Guy's Hamajang HolidaysPerhaps it’s time to get into the tour business. Airport greetings, trips to Hilo Hattie’s, Luaus, that final pass  by the ABC store. Sounds like fun. Please remember to tip your guide.

Rooting in Rotterdam

2010 Tour Stage 1As of today, we know where the Tour will start, so we probably know where we’ll be on July 4th. Since the rest of the tour route is yet to be announced, the plans from this point are up in the air.

For US Independence day in Holland, we’ll be substituting slagroom and old gouda for brats and hot dogs. The beer part remains unchanged.

“Blue and white Cessna rock your wings…”

North 40For most folks, Oshkosh, Wisconsin is best know for bib overalls, fire trucks and artery-clogging food. However, if you’re into things that fly, your most likely association with the place is the annual EAA flyin. For one week each year, beginning in late July, OSH becomes the busiest airport on the planet and doing a VFR arrival during the air show is something no pilot will ever forget. Fly to Ripon, get visually identified by controllers on the ground, follow the railroad tracks, monitor tower frequency, land on the assigned colored dot, stomp on the brakes and head for the grass and follow the flag men to parking–all without keying the mike once.

OSH Tower
OSH Tower

And for my dough, the only real way to do OSH is to fly in and camp with your bird, preferably in the north 40 (pix above).  And with the exception of an ocassional shuttle bus trip to the airport terminal saloon for a beverage, it is 100% all airplanes, all the time. A sign of the tight economy: the show starts tomorrow (7/27) and as of tonight, aircraft camping is estimated to be 98% full.

OSH happens to be the only place we’ve ever been rescued by the Red Cross. One of those classic late afternoon mid-west thunderstorms really trashed the field. We returned from dinner with friends to find a.) good news; airplane still shiny side up and greasy side down and b.) bad news; tent & contents floating in about 6″ of water. Cots & wool blankets in a school gym worked quite well.

The finishing line.

Podium GirlsSince what we’re really about here is the finishing line, let’s explore. Most sports have protocols associated with selecting the people handing out the prizes. In the world of dirt track motor sport, they’re often called ‘trophy trolls.’  In velocipede racing, the presenters are called ‘podium girls’, and when it comes to the TDF, they seem to be selected primarily from the ranks of runway models.

Spending some time at a few finishing lines is definitely on the list.

Minnie?Hint to anyone aspiring to be a TDF podium gal: Stay away from the maillot à pois rouges (polka dot jersey). The frocks these gals are wearing this year all look something ripped straight from the back of Minnie Mouse. They’re even doing the red hair bow thing.

Needs more vanilla…

0531091120aThe keikis around here tend toward a fondness for real whipped cream. At dessert time recently, I produced a can of spray-on dairy product and Delaney promptly turned up her nose and stomped out of the kitchen.

Continuing the culinary arts seems like a good part of the pau plan.

Practicing the post-figmo era.

We’ve spent a few days practicing what will be going on in the post-figmo era. After a couple days of serious eating and drinking in Minneapolis, we spent two more doing much of the same, on pristine lake just outside of Ely, MN. Charles Kuralt, once the owner of WELY “End of the road radio”, is rumored to have said “Ely is the second most beautiful spot on earth and we’re still looking for the first.”