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Pau Already

Month: June 2009

Needs more vanilla…

The keikis around here tend toward a fondness for real whipped cream. At dessert time recently, I produced a can of spray-on dairy product and Delaney promptly turned up her nose and stomped out of the kitchen. Continuing the culinary Read more…

Practicing the post-figmo era.

We’ve spent a few days practicing what will be going on in the post-figmo era. After a couple days of serious eating and drinking in Minneapolis, we spent two more doing much of the same, on pristine lake just outside Read more…

Ferm√© ? (it’s a long story)

We will be going back to Arles.  

No Bull.

We won’t be going to Pamploma when bovine are present. July 12, 2009 — Quick update:¬†Five drunken tourists were gored in Pamploma today. STMFR

Inde rockers

We’ll probably continue to stalk inde rock groups… Jenny Owen Youngs – “If I Didn’t Know” [music video]

400 million hours per year.

“We commissioned a study that found that American workers miss 400 million vacation hours a year.” –Katty Kay, Co-author of Womenomics speaking on the Diane Rhem show. I think The Man may have us where he wants us.

Quote of the day.

“I know! Sleeping is my best thing. Plus, if I get up then I have to go to work.” Not for so much longer!!!