Cool Freebee.

Back in 2003 while building Hale Nani, we had a party to celebrate the completion of the slab. For quick party food I picked up several Sub Way sandwiches and as a promo, the food order included the carrier pictured here. With four exterior drink holders (big enough for a fifth of Scotch, too) and the semi-insulated, six-pack-sized zippered center container it has proven to be an incredibly useful freebee. The little green bag has been to hundreds upon hundreds of picnics, sunset cocktail hours, camping trips, parties, etc. Not surprisingly, after 14+ years the ol’ tote is showing its age—cracking plastic and a fraying zipper.

Searches for a suitable replacement have come up zip. Somehow a Foodland reusable just won’t have the same allure.

Slab Party