Technical difficulty

Monday, May 23

Today we’re on the way from Praha to Cesky Krumlov with a change of trains in Ceske Budejovice. About a half hour before reaching our connection point we were told the train was stopping for ‘technical reasons’ and we’d be boarding a bus to continue to the connecting train.  Board the bus we did, but there were three motor coaches for about five bus loads of travelers. Needless to say, the trip to Ceske Budejovice was a bit cramped and with the extra time it took to get everyone onboard, we missed our connection by a few minutes. Ergo, it’s cool the jets time for a couple of hours while we wait for the next train. The shortened train ride meant we didn’t have  time to finish our bottle of lunch wine, but that issue has been resolved with due dispatch in the station. The sausages coming out of the little snack bar here look most tempting, but I suspect my LDL count is nearing 300 so I will try to resist.

Ceske Krumlov is listed as one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe. We’re there but one night, so we’ll have to make the most of our time.


We finally made it to this, as advertised, very picturesque town. Beautiful yes, but so is Strasbourg, Brugge, Arle, etc, etc.  Actually, the town reminds me a bit of Brugge only with about as many Japanese tourists as Waikiki. I’m not sure how this little Ville got on the must see list in China and Japan, but it’s obviously a big hit.

Also found out there was a bus that left from near our Praha hotel that would have dropped us in the center of Cesky Krumlov, saving two cab rides and a couple of hours. C’est la vie.

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