African Swine Fever

Not even out of the gate and I just received an email saying our Saturday Joint Security Area (DMZ border with the North) tour has been cancelled. The issue has something to do with African Swine Fever. These tours, run by a few contractors for the US Army, are rather tightly controlled and filled with …

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Asia 2019

This one has been on the books for a few years. Seoul, the DMZ, an overnight ferry trip from Busan to Osaka, Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), onsen, etc., etc. Tons of fall colors, ono food, castles, saki, soju and a lot more await. Can’t wait. October 16 we head OGG-ICN and this trip, the Mavic …

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Something the Fox-watching, #MAGA-crackers seem to have overlooked is that if a president can nullify the 14th Amendment with the stroke of a pen, he or she can do the same to the 2nd. Also, only bozos with law degrees from @LibertyU think the 14th, sect 1 is misinterpreted.


Who do we blame for this political quagmire? My hunch is you have to hang a huge chunk of it on the Dems and what happened in 2010. The impact of the failure to get the base out eight years ago may never go away. Add to this the fact that a large portion of …

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Cool Freebee.

Back in 2003 while building Hale Nani, we had a party to celebrate the completion of the slab. For quick party food I picked up several Sub Way sandwiches and as a promo, the food order included the carrier pictured here. With four exterior drink holders (big enough for a fifth of Scotch, too) and …

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