At long last, a little action on Euro 2014!

Airbus A380
Airbus A380

The planning for Euro 2014 got started a bit later than usual, but we’re also beginning the trip a bit later (end of August). Anyway, this year we’re headed south: Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, French Basque country, Andorra, Morocco and a pau hana wrap-up in Paris. OK, so Morocco isn’t Europe. I use the “Euro” term loosely.

In a nutshell: 35 days, 5 countries plus a British Overseas Territory (Gibraltar), only 3 currencies, lots of driving and no 2-masted schooners—we’ll miss De Gallant. I won’t miss applying for Russian visas.

One cool thing for the aviation geek in me; we’re coming back on an A380. Not as cool as a Dreamliner and not a particularly innovative aircraft, but a VERY large aircraft. I think I’m gonna go check out row 91.

I hate giving Suckerberg the rights to all my pix, so I’m going to try and keep the Pau Already blog somewhat current this year. We’ll see.