Euro 2015 and yes, one more try at the blog

Since 2010, I’ve tried to keep a little running notebook–mostly for our own reference/enjoyment– during our Euro travels. Results have been spotty at best and generally unacceptable. Seems like we’re just too busy trucking around, drinking beer, trying to find someplace to do laundry… Anyway, after 2014 I said I was pau with Changed my mind. Gonna give it one more go.

Euro 2015 starts on July 2 with a bit of a twist. This year we’re adding two of our grandchildren to the passenger manifest. This will be sort of a high school graduation present for our granddaughter, Delaney. In a pay-it-forward mode, D’s younger brother Brett will be joining us, too.

The route this year takes us to Amsterdam, down the Rhine River in Germany, Nancy in France for Bastille Day and Paris for Laurel and Delaney’s birthdays. In Paris we’ll be putting the kids on a home-bound plane while Laurel and I continue on for a quick spin through Switzerland; finally ending up in Milan.

We all have brand new passports and they’re begging for a few visa inkings, however with the Schengen agreement, that’s just not as easy as it used to be.