Favorite finds at this year’s Made In Hawai`i

Every August, the Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu host the Made In Hawai`i Festival. The assembly covers two convention halls and showcases vendors offering food, arts, crafts, etc., all of which as you’ve probably guessed, are made in Hawai`i.

Zoe the Schnauzer still has her Spam Musubi chew toy acquired at the show a few years back. Below are pictures of my two best buys from this year’s show.

Spam Flavored Mac Nuts

Aloha Shirt Origami
Aloha Shirt Origami

So nice to be back at the Willows.

This time last Sunday, I was enjoying a second pass by the crab legs and sashimi at the Willows on Hausten Street in Honolulu. I haven’t been there in years and it was so nice to be back.

Of course, it’s not quite the same as back in the days of Randy Lee, but it’s still a wonderful Oahu spot and now it’s the new home of Pakele Live on Thursday nights, so my visits should be a bit more regular.

Aston Executive CenterAlso, we had another delightful stay at the Aston Executive Center. I’ll admit it, I’m in a Friday HNL rut—happy hour at Indigo, a stop to see what’s going on at Hank’s and then off to catch Olomana at the HHV. Nice rut.

Did Du Vin on Saturday, and this time, I will say I was not impressed with the food. Fortunately though, Ginai’s jazz vocals made the evening a great night out.

I always get looks of puzzlement when I tell them it’s so nice to go from OGG to HNL because, among other things, the airport is so much more serene.

That’s a Wrap!

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Friends of Public Radio Arizona (fpraz.org) has an interesting project to help raise awareness of public radio in the Phoenix area. The “Fleet on the Street” program is using the vehicle of up to 100 volunteers as essentially rolling billboards.

Today our Dodge Caravan, aka “The Beast,” had its turn to get wrapped. The process involved applying an imprinted clear film overlay that will remain in place for a year. Laurel and I each picked our own tag lines. She went with ATC while I took OTM. I think it looks good!


Watching the tube in our Dijon apartment, Laurel had a wonderful idea. If you watch CNN International, BBC World, Al Jazeera or almost any of the global channels, when they do weather map and summaries, they always include temperatures and condition summaries from continents around the globe.

Wouldn’t it provide a big boost to US geography comprehension, if a piece of the nightly weather on “12 NEWS NOW” or whatever included the same?